Our Honey

Our Main Honey Crops include Ironbark, Tea Tree, jellybush (Manuka) all found along the coastal forests of the Mid-North Coast of NSW.

Our Main Raw Bush Honey Crop comes from the grey Iron Bark trees found along the coastal forests of the Mid-North Coast of NSW.

Our light & Sweet Ironbark honey is produced by bees foraging sustainably on pristine State Forest and National Parks Forest, free from herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants.

Our Jellybush (Manuka) honey is collected in Spring from local Native Leptospermum species of plants which produce BIO-Active qualities in the honey due to the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which works in Synergy with other compounds occurring uniquely in that honey.

Our Ironbark Honey is a clean clear honey of exceptionally high quality and is collected each year During the summer months, sometimes collected with proportions of Greygum, Brushbox, Bloodwood and other local Eucalypt honeys as well.

Our Tea-Tree Mixed Blossom Winter Honey provides an extra health boost and delivers a seasonally varying flavour that always delights. It is often harvested with traces of Banksia, Swamp mahogany, Spotted Gum and Flooded Gum as well as all the flowers of the coastal heathlands.

Our delicious Mixed Eucalypt honey captures a range of flavours occurring in the native forests throughout they year, and changes seasonally.

Our Honey harvesting is done using a double visit technique whereby we insert a clearing board to clear most of the bees out of the honey-supers we are harvesting on one visit to the apiary, and then use a blower (Kindest to the bees) to remove the remaining bees on the next visit when we collect the supers of honey.

During processing the honey we only coarsely filter the honey, then use gravity to settle the honey and wax before it is transferred to storage tanks. We do not heat the honey excessively to assist in the extracting process as this detracts from the quality of the product, and our aim is to produce 100% Raw, Natural Bush Honey.

We sell honey in:

  • 40g Glass Jar (Gold lid) (for samples, catering, hotels etc)
  • 250g Hexagon Glass Jar (Gold lid)
  • 400g Nominal CHUNK HONEY, Round Glass Jar (Gold Lid)
  • 500g Round Glass Jar (yellow lid)
  • 500g Round Creamed Honey, Glass Jar (yellow lid)
  • 500g Round Vanilla Honey, Glass Jar (yellow lid)
  • 500g Clear Plastic Squeeze Bottle (Silicone Flip Lid)
  • 1kg Clear Plastic Pail (Yellow lid & yellow handle)
  • 3kg Clear Plastic Pail (Yellow lid & yellow handle)
  • 4kg Opaque Plastic Jerry Can (Yellow Lid)
  • 14kg Natural Plastic Pail (Yellow lid & metal handle)
  • 23kg Natural Plastic Pail (Yellow lid & metal handle)
  • 28kg Natural Plastic Pail (Yellow lid & metal handle)
  • BULK Honey Sold Per Kilo (Natural Plastic Pail, Yellow lid & metal handle)

We can also provide Raw Bush Honey in bulk containers such as BLUE 44 Gal Poly drum (205L = Approx 300kg) or in 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (1000L IBC = approx 1450kg).

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